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  • Animal Reiki Sessions

    Offering Reiki House Calls in the greater Portland, OR Metro Area, including Beaverton, and Vancouver, WA.
    Call (503)799-3603
    Animal Reiki Sessions can be scheduled in the comfort of your home or from a distance.

    Animal Reiki House Call Fees

    Initial Animal Reiki Session (In-Person or Remote): $85
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    Forty-five minutes which includes:
    Your pet's history and a thirty-minute session.
    Animal Reiki Sessions: $75
    thirty-minutes of gentle Reiki.

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    Remote Reiki Session $65
    thirty-minute remote Reiki session.
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    (Each session varies, and there is never a rush to finish an appointment.)

Reiki For Your Pet

Relaxing Reiki For Your Pet

Animals bring companionship, unconditional love, and so much joy to our lives. Reiki is one of the best gifts you can give to an animal. It's a wonderful healing modality to aid with chronic and acute ailments, or simply to maintain good vitality and spirit. Animals recognize and respond intuitively to the non-verbal, gentle and calming effects of Reiki. It is a loving gift to give to an ailing or dying animal preparing to cross the Rainbow Bridge, as it eases any anxiety for the animal or family during such a trying time.

For clients in the greater Portland Metropolitan area, including Beaverton, and Vancouver, WA Misha provides Animal Reiki house calls, traveling to your home, farm or stable as well as veterinary clinics.

Clients outside the greater Portland area may arrange for long-distance sessions.
Call (503)799-3603 to schedule your appointment.

There is undoubtedly a very special bond between humans and their companion animals. Unconditional, pure love.
The raw, unfiltered emotions animals exude is something increasingly absent from human to human interaction.
The same pure, loving quality makes animals vulnerable to harshness and cruelty that is hard to fathom, yet, the moment an animal is shown kindness and love - it is willing to give love another try.
Some animals have been abandonded one time too many, abused, living in a high stress, loud environment until a kind soul gave them a home where they could finally relax and exhale.
We often struggle to communicate to animals that there is no longer a threat of cruelty or abandonment; that they are safe. As a result, some animals have a hard time shedding the anxiety of previous living situation.
That's is where Reiki does incredible work with animals, as well as their human companions.

Contact Misha to learn more about Chakralaya's FREE Animal Reiki Sessions available to shelters and rescue organizations in the Portland Metro area.

When an animal is ill, injured, recovering from illness or surgery, Reiki is a wonderful and completely safe treatment to aid the healing process. It is gentle and non-invasive for animals before or after surgical procedures, and aids in faster recovery. This is especially beneficial to animals with trauma-related injuries.

As a Reiki practitioner and lifelong animal lover, it is my very special privilege to aid families in saying goodbye to their beloved pet.
Through my volunteer work as a foster parent for special needs and neonatal animals, I have guided many animals in various stages of illness or the dying process. It is a blessing and honor to give fellow sentient beings this gift and accompany them to the threshold of their next journey.

For many it is simply too overwhelming to be present at the moment their beloved pet passes, nor should this time be clouded by guilt, judgment or doubts.
There are many proper ways to say your final goodbyes to your beloved pet. Reiki is a powerful, yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from pain, fear and anxiety to ease the transition.

Animal Reiki FAQ

Q: What Happens During An Animal Reiki Session?
A: A session for an animal is very similar to one for humans. I start by creating a calming environment to connect with your animal(s). The treatment may include placing hands on or above your animal, or I may sit in meditation with your animal(s) nearby. The process may vary from one session to another, always depending on the animal's needs. As the Reiki begins to flow, you will notice the animal growing more welcoming and absorbing the energy, becoming calm & relaxed, perhaps even falling asleep. As with humans, a wide variety of emotional responses might be present during or immediately after the session, which we will talk about in detail before I begin my session. It is not uncommon at all that a pet is actually picking up on their human's anxieties, which might often be misread. Our animals are part of a tribe, or pack, and just as you nurture and care for them, so do they for you. However, we are often so absorbed in the day to day trot, that we do not see what they are trying to tell us. Keep that in mind next time your pet has an upset stomach out of the blue. Your furry friend might just be picking up on something you are not facing.

Q: Will I still have to take my pet to the vet?
A: Reiki is part of a complete care approach for your pet.
It is not a substitute for veterinary treatments, but a valuable tool to promote healing and maintain health.
For example: If your dog gets hit by a vehicle, you would, of course, want to take the dog to the vet immediately for treatment and evaluation. Reiki will be beneficial during the recovery and healing phase to remove the energetic trauma the accident creates, and with that help your dog may heal faster and overcome possible anxieties or fear of cars, streets, etc. [Book Now]

Please ask about Chakralaya's free Reiki Services for Hospice Patients and Loved Ones.