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    The Chakralaya Studio
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    Chakralaya is a safe, judgment-free, sacred space for all beings.

    Local clients may schedule their sessions at my practice in Portland, Oregon.
    I also offer convenient remote sessions for traveling clients, those out of town or international.

    Reiki Fees:

    Your Initial Reiki Session
    (For New Clients:In-Person or Remote): $95
    We'll go over your intake form, discuss any (health) issues, problem areas, followed by your a 60-minute Reiki session.
    Experience the gentle power of Reiki.

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    Ninety-Minute Reiki Bliss (Established Clients): $125
    (remote sessions available)
    Soul Massage of intense Reiki Bliss.
    Visualize immersing yourself into a warm body of warm water at the bottom of a waterfall. The gentle stream washing away layer after layer of stress and useless energy.
    It's like a bliss massage of energy for your entire self - shell & soul.

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    Sixty-Minute Reiki (Established Clients): $95
    (remote sessions available)
    We'll work on the goals established during your initial session and remove any enery blocks.
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    30-Minute Remote (Distant) Reiki Session (Established Clients): $65
    Wonderful tool for clients outside of the greater Portland, Oregon area,those traveling, or during incliment weather conditions. #PortlandStreetsIceRink
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    *Each session varies, and there is never a rush to finish an appointment.

Reiki - An Introduction

Chakralaya Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is non-invasive energy therapy of nourishment and self-improvement, from which everyone can benefit.
It has been effective in helping sooth virtually every malady, reduce or even eliminate ailments related to stress and injuries.


A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit, creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being. Most clients find Reiki nurturing and healing.

It is administered through gentle touch or by the practitioner placing her hands just slightly over the client's body.
It is because of the gentle nature of this treatment that it resonates with survivors of violence, veterans as well as persons with Autism.
It is not a replacement for all conventional treatments and therapies, but over time can make heavy reliance on drugs obsolete. This is of course a decision to be made between you and your GP.

Reiki works wonderfully in conjunction with all medical and therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects from harsh conventional treatments, such as radiation and chemo, for example, and to promote recovery of the body and eases the anxiety of the mind.

Please keep in mind that Reiki is not a miracle "Cure It All".
Personally, I find promises such as this highly unethical and irresponsible. While Reiki is a wonderful complimentary treatment for critically ill patients, no responsible practitioner will ever promise a cure, especially in exchange for excessive fees. Please be wary of such promises.
Reiki will help ease pain, emotional suffering in such cases, and support a good energy flow while a patient is undergoing invasive treatments as mentioned above. It is also a wonderful gift during late stage cancer and end-of-life journeys.

Please ask about Chakralaya's free Reiki Services for Hospice Patients and Loved Ones.

Did you know?

chihuahua reiki Reiki also offers the same benefits for animals. It's been proven a great tool for animals suffering from separation anxiety and other behavioral issues as well as complimentary therapy to help recovery from injury, illness or any medical procedure. [Learn More...]