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Chakralaya's "Giving Back" Holiday Special

Holiday Special
Don't let the pressure of the Holidays stress you out.
Here at Chakralaya, we're big proponents of mantras. Your mantra for the season?
The biggest, most meaningful gift you can possibly give to others is your authentic self.
Everything else falls in place after that.
November 30th through December, 31st, 2017.
Receive a 45 minute soothing "Reiki Bliss Bath" for only $60.
Feel the stress resolve and bliss take its place.

Book Now This offer is valid while appointments are available.
Chakralaya will be closed December 24th & 25th, Dec. 31st & Jan 1st.


Chakralaya Specials

The Light Within You

by Misha Dickerson

Every morning when you wake up you are literally given a fresh start. As soon as you open your eyes, you arrive at an intersection of many pathways.
Which path you take is your choice, and yours only. Every day new ideas arrive on your mind, people to meet, things to do.

So, tomorrow morning just hit the snooze button.
YES, I hereby give you permission to stay in bed..... a little longer.
As you wake up, hit the snooze button on your routine. In fact, make a pact with yourself right now that when you wake up to spend five minutes with yourself every day, before you even get out of bed.
No books, no TV, no internet, no journals to write. Just stay in bed and breathe.
You needn't think of the past mistakes or regrets. Instead, let's focus on the NOW and what can be.
Visualize it!
Truly see yourself in the midst of doing what will soothe your soul. Then get up and make a promise to yourself to remember this visual every wake hour throughout the day.
Make this commitment to yourself for one month. Chances are you'll be craving your daily "Soul Check In" beyond that.
Watch your days change, your perspective about what's possible, and here's the really neat part - Watch the life you live truly become YOUR Life - Your Purpose - Your Happiness.
It's all within you.

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Reiki Intro Special for New Clients:
Have you been wondering whether Reiki is right for you? Ever wanted to see what a session feels like and what benefits you'd receive from it? Here's a Special just for you. If you have never had a Reiki session, with this Special, you may enjoy an introductory session for just $30.
Your appointment includes intake and a 30-minute Reiki session.
Experience first hand the deep relaxation, reduction in stress, overall feeling of wellness, and balancing of your energy centers,
Reiki provides benefits on all levels of our being - physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Many clients report profound benefits after their first session.
Please mention this website promotion when you book.
Call today for your appointment.

This offer is only valid for first time clients and not transferable.